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You do belong to the category where you almost check your smartphone at least 50 times in a day. You would be carrying out plenty of activities right from reading text messages to sending emails, monitoring weather conditions, and news. However, it had never occurred that you can utilize the technology in such a way that you can keep a tab on your finances. Managing money is an essential activity in the current age. With the increasing capability of money management, it will help any individual to invest appropriately in the market and make wise decisions that will reap rich benefits in the future.

The availability of the smartphone made it possible for developers to come out with tools that make it easy to learn and understand about finances. The following sections of the article will list out the best personal finance apps available for 2017.


Mint is a free personal application developed by Intuit incorporation. The application is highly practical for beginners and an all-rounder, as it provides resources and solutions for every need that an individual accustoms with finances. The application further helps in creating a budget plan, tracking the spending’s for a month, and get smart solutions about the money. Another interesting fact about the application is the availability of linking all the credit card accounts, bank accounts, and utility bills so that you no longer have to log into multiple websites to make payments.


It will give you details related to that you of the upcoming bills, the amount you owe to the banks, and deadlines for other finances. You can also make settings in such a way that the app will send payment reminders to avoid late fees. Over a period, after assessing the spending habits, the application offers advice that will help in controlling the outgoing of the wealth.

You Need a Budget

Unlike other personal finance applications on the market, You Need a Budget is a unique application for individuals who wish to know everything about personal finances. According to the developers, the principle for the development of the application is simple – every dollar counts.

When compared with other applications, the app does not force you to create money by investing in several choices to make wealth depending on the requirement and employment. In fact, it will force you to live with the actual amount that you receive in the form of your monthly salary. As it is evident that every individual gets off track by overspending than the received amount in the way of wages, the application helps in finding out what you can do differently to balance the budget.


The built-in accountability partner is an excellent invention. Although users will have to pay a small fee for the services offered by the application, support that the user will receive is worth every dime. The application also possesses online classes where an instructor helps in learning about budgeting basics and attending to the questions raised by the users. According to statistics, the app is so compelling that many of the users were able to pay off at least a minimum amount of $500 as debt in a month.


It is possible to skip a few payments at some point of the time. If you love organization and wish to keep track of every dollar that you earn, then Wally is the right choice in managing your personal expenses.

An exciting aspect of the application is that you do not have to enter the details manually. With the help of Wally, all you need to do is capture an image of the receipts. If you are using geo-tagging for the picture, the application further fills the geographical information providing you with a detailed report of the expenses.


The application is simple, clean, and streamlined, which makes it possible even for a beginner to use it with ease. If organizing money is your priority and wish to gain insight about the monthly expenses, download Wally today.


Acorns is the leading application in the automatic financial behavior segment. It may sound complicated at first, but with the help of the application, users gain the ability to invest in low-cost exchange-traded funds depending on the risk preference that you set into the application. For example, as you will be collecting your credit cards or bank accounts to the application to make payments, the application will calculate the purchase and rounds the purchase to the next highest dollar. It will then proceed with the investment of the portfolio created by the user.

According to several users of the application, they saw a steady rise in the income since the use of the app. An excellent characteristic about the functionality is that the user no longer has to interfere with the investment. The application calculates the math automatically and helps in painlessly acquiring wealth. Developers are offering the service free for college students, while they are charging $1 for others.


Gaining a control on finance is an essential aspect of today’s life. Due to the rise in expenditure, it has become difficult for anyone to manage or look for other sources of income apart from the regular employment. With the help of the personal financial applications mentioned above, a beginner will gain the necessary knowledge on how they can proceed with the amount that they usually stack it in the savings account or opt for fixed deposits.

Furthermore, as the applications provide information related to the expenditure, one will be in a position to keep track and make it a habit not to cross the limits than the incoming of the amount. A few of them are interesting, as they offer advice depending on the expenditure that an individual carries out. With technology evolving at a faster pace, you have every reason to opt for the best financial applications that you can browse at any point of the day right from your phone.

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