Best Indian Stock Market Apps you can trust!

A stock market is a great place for investors who wish to gain wealth in the medium and long run period. However, it becomes difficult for any individual to keep up with the financial news and information related to the market that changes every second. Availability of technology has made it possible for individuals to download mobile applications that provide news, information, and advice according to the necessity. The problem that one would face here is that there are numerous apps available on this platform. Beginners will find it difficult in selecting the best Indian stock market apps that provide great information. Therefore, we have come up with this article to provide information about apps that are handy and function on any given smartphone.


The application is available for Windows, iOS, and Android platforms. It is one of the most favorite stock market application available for a smartphone. The app provides a consistent update in the form of news and trading according to the settings preferred by the user. If you are a rookie and just started investing in the markets, then it is preferable to choose this application alone rather than having multiple financial apps on the phone.


The app is capable of tracking the latest news on Indian and global markets. Therefore, you will possess all the needed information right on your handset. The application obtains data related to assets from BSE, NSE, NCDEX, and MCX exchanges. As this data is available, you can directly track indexes of stocks, futures, much funds, currencies, options, and, commodities at any point during the trading time.

The following are the critical features of the application:

    1. Ease of use
    2. Collection of latest information related to market
    3. Management of portfolio
    4. Personalized watchlist
    5. Message board

Economic Times Markets

Economic Times Markets application for a smartphone is available for Android, iOS, and Windows platforms. Like MoneyControl, the app is capable of collecting data related to the markets. In addition to it, it also provides details about the global situation, making it easy for an experienced investor to make decisions wisely. The following are the fundamental features of the application:



  1. It possesses the ability to track BSE Sensex, Nifty charts, and obtain live share prices including that of technical charting
  2. It gives the user the access to real-time quotes, get intra-day trading tips, commodities, stock futures, forex market, and ETFs on the go
  3. It offers a single platform for the user to create a portfolio that manages much will fund news, NAV’s, fund analysis, and SIP calculator
  4. The layout is so simple that it is possible for the user to customize it according to the requirement
  5. The user can create a watchlist and track it regularly at any time
  6. Receive insight into expert views and analysis on specific shares, that will prove to be worth the in investing in, and participating in discussions in the form of comments

Yahoo Finance

The application is available for several regions and on all the mobile platforms. Before proceeding, it is vital that the user makes the necessary changes to the region settings in order to receive accurate details related to the market pertaining to the region. In this case, the user will be choosing India as the region setting to receive updates pertaining to Indian stock market. The application is a simple platform, which delivers everything that one would require a finance application.


The crucial features include:

    1. Following personalized alerts and receiving news related to the stock’s that an individual shows interest
    2. Gives real-time access to stock data and postings about the investment that will help in staying ahead in the market
    3. Allows the user to add stocks to a specific watchlist to receive personalized news and live stock quotes
    4. Enables the individual to take care of the personal portfolio and its performance
    5. It further helps in gaining insight related to foreign exchange, commodities, bonds, futures, world indices, and more
    6. The interactive full-screen chart gives comparison between stocks for detailed assessment

NSE Mobile Trading

Another performing application for management of finances for a smartphone is NSE Mobile Trading. One of the significant entity of the application is its ability to provide the freedom for the user to carry out hassle-free transactions anywhere and at any time. You will be receiving the user ID and password after downloading and installing the application on your mobile phone. The user also receives customer support on how to register with the application and go ahead with the trading decisions. Although it is an upcoming application, it is capable of providing live streaming quotes in a simplistic manner. The comprehensive monitoring platform makes it further intriguing to keep a track of the entire record.



It is yet another useful performing application that helps in keeping track of Indian stock markets. The layout, development, and features made it pass through other traditional apps. The app is cool for technical examination on tablets and smartphones. A user can download it for only Android and iOS operating systems. Features include unlimited watch lists, push notifications, pivot-point based resistance, and live updates related to NSE stocks. It also has technical indicators such as volume, SMA, EMA, RSI, open interest, ADX, and Bollinger-Bands.


As you now possess information related to the stock market applications that you can download on your smartphone, you can easily keep track of the record, news and updated information at all times. Availability of smartphones and the high-speed Internet made it possible for individuals to keep a track of their portfolio right in the palm.

The applications mentioned above are suitable for beginners as well as specialists who are into investment. With the use of the apps, it will become easy for all those who wish to gain knowledge about stock markets, and the best period to invest or trade out depending on the situations.

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