SBI Online Login: Net Banking *Latest 2018*

Guide to SBI Online Netbanking: Are you looking for a proper guide to take you through your Netbanking process and help you make transactions, login or user registration? Finding the accurate way to login in your netbanking? If you’re struggling with adapting the sudden change from Offline Bank Services to Online Transactions and handling your e-account, this is the guide you need to follow in order to make your very first transaction and check out other blog posts to guide you through the other methods for various other needs and requirements.

How To Login To SBI Online Banking Portal for First Time?

For First Time Users: Just like any other bank’s internet banking requires a Login ID and password to access the banking facilities online. There are 2 methods to login and the whole process is really easy, all you need is to follow the steps carefully.

METHOD 1: This method requires you to approach your branch and collect your Internet Banking Kit.

METHOD 2: Here you can activate your Internet Banking just by ATM card, if you have received and activated the same.

Both the methods work equally well and thus the choice entirely depends on your preferences and also it depends on: if you can/cannot visit the branch.

Registering For SBIONLINE via Internet Banking Kit

This is the more popular method among the SBI account users who wish to register for internet banking with SBI (Online SBI). Here is how you can do the same:

STEP 1: Collect your Internet Banking Kit from your respective branch

The first step is to obtain the Internet Banking Kit from your SBI Home branch. You visit the bank and fill Online Banking Application Form, which you can collect from any of your Home Bank branches. Also, It can be obtained from any of branches of the five State Bank Associates. Fill up the form carefully and submit it to your respective Home branch. On the successful submission and asertainment, you will be provided with the Internet Banking Kit.


NOTE: It consists of a temporary username and password that you can use to activate and create your desired login ID and password for Internet Banking.

STEP 2: Please allow 24 hours for the bank, after collecting to activate your kit!

As the Internet Banking Kits are not pre-activated. It is only processed once you get yours from the bank; your bank approves it for activation. It takes 24 hours after you have collected the kit for it to be activated by the bank.


DISCLAIMER: If you try to log in using the temporary login ID and password provided in the kit before 24 hours, you will get the message saying ‘Invalid login ID or password’. If you continue to get the same message even after 48 hours, you must approach your branch.

STEP 3: Login to the Official Website

You should now be able to login to your account using the temporary login ID and password provided in the Internet Banking Kit. Navigate to the official website:

You will see two sections for entering the login ID and password, personal banking and corporate banking. Normal users must choose the personal banking section. Click on Login!



STEP 4: Create a desired login ID and password

You will be directed to the next page where you will have few useful instructions and tips that are very useful for any new Internet Banking user. After reading, You will see the option ‘New User Registration’. Click on it.

sbi-online-banking-registering-onlineSTEP 5: Set your user ID, login password and transaction password for SBI Internet Banking

Once you are redirected to the next page, you will have the blank space below ‘Login/ Login to ___’ for entering login ID and password provided to you in the Banking Kit.


STEP 6: Choose your UserName and Password

After you enter the correct login ID and password provided in the kit, you will be directed to the welcome page. Here, you can enter any login ID that you wish to use for your Net banking.

DISCLAIMER: However, if a particular user ID already exists, you would need to choose another one. You can check the availability of a convenient ID by clicking ‘Check username availability’.

With that enter the kit number and click on “SUBMIT”. On the next page, you will be asked to enter the login password that you would want to use to login for every time. Enter it again to confirm and click on continue.

The next page will allow you to set the profile password. In this page, you will be asked to enter the profile password and confirm the same by entering it again. In the same page, you will also be asked to choose a security question from the drop-down menu list and enter an answer to the question. Below, enter few more details such as date of birth, place of birth, mobile number & country. Click on Submit.




Note: There are two passwords associated with your SBI Net Banking user ID. The login password is used to login to your account and check the transactions of account details. Profile password is required if you wish to make any transaction or change any information associated with your account. Security Question is used to recover your login ID or reset your password in the future. Choose it carefully and remember the answer. Click on Submit to complete the registration process. Now you are ready to login to SBI Internet banking using the new user ID and login password.


Registering for SBI Internet Banking Services without Internet Banking Kit

This is the second method for activating your SBI Net Banking account or logging in for the first time. It does not require any Internet Banking Kit and thus it is a better option you do not need to approach your bank.

  1. Navigate to the official website of SBI. Just below login, you will see an option for ‘New User Registration’.  Click on this option. You will get a pop-up with two options, OK and Cancel. Click on ‘OK’.sbi-online-banking-registering-online
  2. In the next page, you will be asked to enter a few details about your account number, CIF Number, Branch code, country, registered mobile number and choose the facility required from the dropdown menu list.

Note: It is strongly recommended that you choose the first option ‘Full Transaction Rights’ as it gives you complete access to the facilities associated with internet banking. Click on Submit.

  1. In the next page, you will be asked to enter the one-time password (OTP) that you would receive on your registered mobile number. Click on Confirm. If you do not get it, you can click on the option below to resend it.
  2. In the next page, you will be asked to choose the first option ‘I have my ATM card’. Once you click on Confirm, you will be directed to the next page where you need to validate the details of your ATM card.
  3. Enter the details to move to the last page where you will get a temporary username and would be asked to enter the login password that you wish to associate with your account. When you click on Submit, you will get the temporary login ID and password to your registered mobile number.

If you still have questions, here is a detailed video in hindi to help you through:

The next steps of registration are similar to the above method.

History and Look-Map Of State Bank of India

SBI is one of the most trusted and oldest banks in India with its branches in almost every city and village of India. It is a multinational bank with about 200 branches in 37 countries of the world in addition to India. State Bank of India is a public sector bank that offers banking as well as financial services. It was already the biggest banks in India but after the merger with five of its associate banks, it has become even larger with more than 400 million customers, 2,78,00 employees, more than 24,000 branches and around 60, 000 ATMs.  Originally, the market share of the SBI was around 17% that boosted to 22% after the merger on 1st April 2017. The headquarters of the SBI is in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

About State Bank of India

The Bank offers a complete range of banking and financial services from various types of accounts, credit cards, debit cards, loans, mutual funds, life insurance etc. onlineSBI– Internet Banking, in particular, has made a huge impact on banking making it easier for the customers to carry out avail banking services from any part of the world. It has also relieved banks from long queues of customers waiting for services. Internet banking has certainly made our lives easier and SBI has always been the best when it comes to internet banking services. Everyone who has an account in any of the SBI branches can avail the advantages of internet banking. However, you would need to register with the Bank for Internet Banking and then activate the same to start enjoying SBI internet banking services.